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Some things about me:

*Over 15 years of working experience in graphic design & illustration

*3 years of cut vinyl decal experience

*Have worked years in various sign and print shops

*Love doing custom illustrations & typography

*Highly skilled with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

*Have worked a lot in the tattoo & music industry

*Expert at converting bad low resolution images to clean high resolution vectors

Some companies I have created designs for in the past:


*Wehlri Custom Fabrication

*Texas Tarpon Tagging Initiative

*Fisheries Ecology Lab

*Check Check Heart & Vascular

*Devine Force Racing

*Beautifully Brave Defense

*Blackline Outfitters​
*Dosha Bar & Lounge
*Albany Modern Body Art
*St. Mary's Healthcare of Amsterdam
*Dolce Vita Italian Ristorante
*Wild Adriatic
*NYS Bridge Authority
*5150 Ink Tattoo Company
*Independent Label Group under Warner Music
*North Country Academy
*Tattoos by William Duberley

*Cannabis Queen

*Scottish Stonecraft

Areas I am well equipped in:
*Logo Design
*Business Card Design

*T-shirt Design
*Vector Design

*Icon Design
*Ad Design
*Banner Design
*Print Design
*Album Cover Design
*Web Banner Design
*Photo Retouching
*Photo Manipulation
*Typography Design
*Poster Design
*Flyer Design

Graphic Design Resume
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